Custom-made Costumes, Clothing and Alterations for the Entertainment Industry
Founded in 2006, Costume Co-Op is a full service custom-made costume house specializing in fabricating costumes, clothing, and alterations for the entertainment industry with the goal of creating outstanding garments and providing quality service.
We assist clients in laying the groundwork for creative success with their projects, large or small. Our workroom has developed a stellar reputation for excellent craftsmanship, quick turnaround, and the ability to help designers realize their vision on time and on budget. Today, we continue to expand and achieve, constantly growing to serve the needs of our global clientele.

With 30+ years of combined experience in costuming, we have built advantageous partnerships with some of the most talented craftspersons, artists, and fabricators in the industry.
Because we understand the particular challenges of costuming for film and television productions such as script breakdowns, fitting schedules, NDA’s, and budget constraints, we are able to assist clients in avoiding unanticipated construction/production costs.
We provide insight about construction considerations for various media, resourcing, and all aspects of the custom-made process. Focus, insight, and skill allow us to deliver exactly what our clients need.

Everyone at Costume Co-Op shares a passion for design, costume making, and collaboration. When we help you look good, we feel good. We hope you will be our next new collaborator!

– The Costume Co-Op Team